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Postcard Image Cat No. Ship Name Shipping Company Description Price GBP
Balmoral 501406 Balmoral Southampton, I of W, S.E.R.M.S.P. Co Ltd. (Red Funnel) A printed postcard by Sanbride featuring the paddle steamer Balmoral (1900-47). In nice clean condition with minimal corner wear. Very light marks from album corner mounts. (VG+) £5.49
Emperor of India 674307 Emperor of India Cosens & Co. A Sanbride printed postcard featuring the paddle steamer Emperor of India. In clean condition to the front with light corner and edge wear. A little light surface marking. Light marking / ageing to the reverse. (VG) £4.99
Grantully Castle (HMHS) 808701 Grantully Castle (HMHS) Union Castle Line A sepia printed postcard by Sanbride featuring the Grantully Castle whilst in service as a hospital ship. Written and addressed by someone on board, but not postally used. Light corner and edge wear and a little light surface marking to the front. Light ageing to the reverse. (VG) RESERVED!
Imperator 792202 Imperator Cunard Line A printed postcard by F.G.O. stuart featuring the Imperator, in Cunard colours. Sanbride printed reverse. She operated for the company under that name from 1919 to 1920 before becoming the Berengaria. Light corner and edge wear and very light marking to the front. Light age tanning / marking to the reverse. (VG) SOLD!
Nevasa (HMHS) 500903 Nevasa (HMHS) British India Steam Nav. A Sanbride printed postcard featuring the Nevasa during her time as a hospital ship (1915-25). A little corner and edge wear. Lightsurface marking. Light album corner marks. A couple of light surface bends in the sky area top left and top right. Reverse is lightly marked and aged. (VG-) £8.49
Panama (HMHS) 764701 Panama (HMHS) Pacific Steam Navigation Co. A Sanbride printed postcard featuring the Panama as a hospital ship (1915-1919). Light corner wear and album corner marks. A small crease / crinkle across the bottom right corner tip. A couple of small, light indentation lines from the left edge and one small indentation line from the top edge left. A vertical bend down the centre right of the card with associated crinkle to the reverse only. Light surface marking. The reverse has an inked greeting and light ageing / marking. (G+) £6.99
Princess Margaret 598311 Princess Margaret London, Midland & Scotland Railway A printed postcard featuring the Princess Margaret of 1931. Produced by Sanbride. Light corner and edge wear and a little light surface marking. Light marking and ageing to the reverse. (VG) £4.49
Royal Archer 751704 Royal Archer London & Edinburgh Steamship Co. Ltd. A company Sanbride colour printed postcard featuring the Royal Archer with photo by Frank and Sons of South Shields. Clean to the front with very light corner wear. Very light album corner marks. Very light marking to the reverse. (VG) £8.99
St George (HMHS) 221001 St George (HMHS) British Government A printed postcard featuring a view of the St George as a hospital ship. She belonged to Canadian Pacific at the time and was requisitioned from 1917-1919. Photo is by Axten of Southampton and the card was printed by Sanbride. In clean condition to the front, light ageing to the reverse. A light crease across the top right corner tip. (VG) £8.99


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