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Postcard Image Cat No. Ship Name Description Price GBP
Aguila 520702 Aguila A photo postcard by Feilden of Liverpool featuring the Aquila. In nice clean condition with minimal corner wear and minimal album corner indentations. (VG+) £5.49
Aguila 745313 Aguila A photo postcard by Feilden of Liverpool featuring the Aguila. In nice clean condition to the front with minimal corner wear. Clean to the reverse. (VG+) £6.49
Alca 803401 Alca A photo postcard featuring the captain and passengers on board the Alca at Madeira on 6th August 1936. Reverse is printed upside down. Uneven edges to the card, particularly on the top edge. Could have been trimmed, but likely a handmade postcard which has been cut by hand. Clean to the front and reverse. (VG) £3.99
Alondra 326515 Alondra A photo postcard by Feilden of Liverpool showing a lovely view of the Alondra. In clean condition to front with light corner wear. Very light marking and ageing to the reverse. (VG+) RESERVED!
Alondra 579401 Alondra A sepia toned photo postcard by Feilden of Liverpool featuring the Alondra. Minimal corner and edge wear and light album corner indentations. Clean to the reverse with inked annotations. (VG) £5.49


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