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Postcard Image Cat No. Ship Name Description Price GBP
Alexandra (HMY) 460706 Alexandra (HMY) A photo postcard from the Universal Series, featuring a view of the Alexandra in dry dock. In nice clean condition to the front. Light marks from album corner mounts. Small surface indentation left edge centre. Reverse is very lightly aged. (VG) £5.99
Ansgir 731409 Ansgir A sepia toned photo postcard by Gibson featuring the Ansgir ashore at Mousehole, Cornwall in 1920. She was built in 1919 for AG Neptun of Rostock, being taken over by the British Government after completion, before being wrecked in December 1920. Minimal corner wear and clean to the front. Inked and pencilled notes to the reverse, otherwise clean. (VG) £8.49
Brandenburg (HMT) 562701 Brandenburg (HMT) A printed photo postcard featuring the Brandenburg as a troop transport. Built in 1902 for NDL, served as a troop transport from 1919 to 1922. She became the Hecuba for Blue Funnel in 1922. Light corner and edge wear and a little light surface marking. A few small surface indentation near the bow of the vessel. Reverse has a collector's cachet dated 1973 (which is of course far later than the date of the card itself!). (VG-) £4.99
Britannia 578107 Britannia A J Arthur Dixon colour postcard featuring the Britannia off Cowes, Isle of Wight with photo by Beken of Cowes. In nice clean condition with very light corner wear. Generally clean to the reverse with a few small marks. Size approx 6" x 4". (VG+) £2.99
Britannia (HMY) 7620143 Britannia (HMY) A Wright & Logan photo card featuring HMY Britannia at Valletta, Malta. In clean to the front with minimal corner wear. A little light surface wear. Wright & Logan cachet, and pencilled ship name and date to the reverse, otherwise clean. (VG) £3.99
Carl 731412 Carl A sepia toned photo postcard featuring the sailing vessel Carl aground in Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight. She was built in 1893 for German owners and was taken over by the Admiralty in 1915. She went ashore on the Isle of Wight in November 1916 and although refloated was condemned at Bristol in 1917. Clean to the front with very light corner wear. A few light surface marks. An extremely light crinkle in the bottom left. Inked notes to the reverse, otherwise light ageing / marking to the reverse. (VG) £6.99
Giessen 565701 Giessen A lovely and unusual sepia toned photo postcard showing the Giessen (built 1908 for NDL, operated for the British Govt as a troop transport from 1919 to 1921, became Ellerman's City of Harvard in 1921). Photo is taken at Cape Town on 19th July 1919 and shows lovely detail in this dockside view. Light corner and edge wear and a little light surface wear. Some ageing / marking to the reverse and inked number near the top edge. (VG) £11.99
Huntsend (HMT) 401701 Huntsend (HMT) A photo postcard featuring a view of HMT Huntsend (ex Lutzow of 1908, of NDL - seized in 1914 and returned to NDL in 1923). Light corner and edge wear and a knock to the top right edge. Some surface marking. Reverse is lightly marked and aged and has an inked inscription dated 1921. (G+) £4.99
Main (HMT) 334901 Main (HMT) A photo postcard featuring a detailed view of HMT Main. She was built in 1900 for NDL as the Main. In 1919 she was ceded to the UK and used as a troopship only for two years until she was sold to French interests. Corner and edge wear and light album corner indentations. Numerous surface indentations and a small crease across the bottom right corner tip. A small crinkle on the top edge near the foremast. The reverse is age tanned and marked. (VG-) £6.99
Phyllis 710504 Phyllis A sepia toned photo postcard by Opie of Redruth, featuring the wreck of the Phyllis which grounded at Hartland Quay, Devon on 7th May 1918. She was built in 1876 as the Hesleden for R. Ropner of West Hartlepool, later becoming the Swedish owned Phyllis. Under this name she was requisitioned by the British Government in 1918. In clean condition to the front with very light corner wear. Light marking to the reverse. Light album corner indentations. (VG) £8.49
Salta (HMHS) 820706 Salta (HMHS) A sepia photo postcard featuring a nicely detailed view of the hospital ship Salta. She was built in 1911 for SGTM and transferred to the British Admiralty for use as a hospital ship in 1915. She was sunk off Le Havre in 1917 after hitting a mine. A little corner and edge wear. Album corner indentations. Clean to the front. The reverse, printed upside down has light marking / ageing. (VG) £8.99
St George (HMHS) 221001 St George (HMHS) A printed postcard featuring a view of the St George as a hospital ship. She belonged to Canadian Pacific at the time and was requisitioned from 1917-1919. Photo is by Axten of Southampton and the card was printed by Sanbride. In clean condition to the front, light ageing to the reverse. A light crease across the top right corner tip. (VG) £8.99
Western Australia (HMHS) 820703 Western Australia (HMHS) A Sanbride printed postcard featuring the hospital ship Western Australia. Overprint to the reverse by W. E. Axten of Southampton, who was a photographer. Some corner and edge wear. The front of the car has quite a bit of surface marking. A little marking / ageing to the reverse. (G) £5.99


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