Below are a number of links to useful websites. If you are the owner of a website and would like to exchange links, please contact us using the details on our contacts page.

Postcard Collecting Websites

Postcard Traders Association - Information on collecting postcards.
Postcard Collecting History - A history of postcard collecting.
A Love for Old Postcards - Postcard collecting information.
Collectors Weekly - Postcards - General postcard collecting information.
Postkortsamlere i Vest - Postcard collectors in Western Norway club.

Shipping Related Websites

Caledonian Transport Photos - by Jim Prentice.
Caledonian Model Warships - by Jim Prentice.
Maritime Artist - Quality Maritime and Aviation Art by Jonathan Margetts. ***NEW***
Maritime Memorial Trust - A database of those lost at sea during conflicts in the 20th Century.
SeaPixOnline - Shipping photos from Auckland, Melbourne & Southampton.
ShipFoto - High quality maritime photography.
Ships Monthly - Maritime magazine.
Ships of the Mersey - hundreds of great shipping photos.
Simplon Postcards - Passenger liner and cruise ship reference website.
ST Publications - Books for the Ship Spotter.

Miscellaneous Websites

PayPal - Information about the secure payment system used by us.


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