Postcard Grading...

Postcards on this website are graded according to the criteria set out below.

Please be aware that postcard grading is a very subjective topic. Please treat my postcard grades as a guide only. All postcards on this website have a detailed image of both sides of the card displayed, so look at these and make your own mind up!

Mint (M)... A pristine postcard, as new. Normally very rarely associated with vintage postcards. Absolutely no wear or discolouration and in an unposted state.

Excellent (EX)... Very clean and with sharp corners. Can be postally used, but correspondance must be neat and not affect the front of the card. No creases, bends or marking to front of card.

Very Good (VG)... Has signs of handling, minor album corner impressions, aging (including slight foxing), postally used or unused.

Good (G)... Has defects including creasing, postal marking, aging(including noticable foxing) or corner damage. The image should still be acceptable.

Fair (F)... Creasing, tearing, staining, postal marking, aging, foxing or corner damage very noticable. The image is affected by defects.

Poor (P)... Heavily damaged, normally only collectable if a rare or scarce card.

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